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Inca is a situated at the Spanish island of Majorca in the Mediterranean. Being the second largest urbanized Majorcan city and with its cultural and monumental heritage, Inca stands as the main tourist attraction of the island. Car rental at Inca does a great job for commuting the city at your own pace. The city occupies deep and vast pages of history, as it starts from 5th century. Inca car rental assists you with a car at cheap prices and various other added services, with which you can plan your trip in leisure with no tension. To visit the monumental buildings and the museums catches the main part of the trip to Inca. Car rental at Inca offers a wide range of selection, such as SUV’s, sedans, hatchbacks and wagons, from which you could choose for your convenience.

About Inca

Inca is known for its wine cellars and leather factories, which are the main activities in the city. Visiting the monuments in and around Inca is much encouraged. Its monumental heritage consists of Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, the old convent of Sant Domingo and the monastery of Sant Bartomeu. Use Inca car hire services and plan your trip to Inca. Number of wine cellars, producing massive amount of wine in Inca is well know all over the world. Rent a car at Inca for your leisured tour. Among other cities on Majorca, Inca have been fast developing as railways, gas factory, leather factories have emerged at the beginning of 20th century itself.

Besides being a place of historical and cultural heritage, Inca is also stands as a commercial center. With big markets where traders from all over the island gather, the city is used to be a great place to shop. Moreover with a car rental, you can also travel among the fine restaurants to try the Spanish cuisine.

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